TIPS FOR CHOOSING THE RIGHT NEEDLE FOR YOUR PROJECT! Applies to regular and twin needles.

TOPSTITCH: for thicker, multiple or poor quality threads. Sewing, quilting, topstitching and applique. Needle is strong and has a large eye.

STRETCH JA SUPER STRETCH: Stretch needles are ball tips, but they have a sharper point than eg. jersey needles.
Stretch needles are suited for jersey, stretch sweat, visocose and other fabrics/knits with elastane, lycra, scuba and elastics.

JERSEY: Ball tip needle. Suited for stretchy fabrics like velour, knits, stretch terry, stretch sweat and light sweatshirt knit brushed.

MICROTEX: Microtex needles have a thin and sharp ball tip. This is well suited for microfibre fabrics and other tightly woven fabrics like silk and polyester. We also recommend this needle for PUL fabrics, 100% cotton jersey and sewing zippers.

JEANS: Denim and stretch denim and other thick fabrics, quilting, bedspreads etc.

UNIVERSAL: General purpose sewing needle for home textiles/decor, crafts, clothes etc.

HAX: the needle stucture allows the needle slide between fibres without breaking them. Prevents skipped stitches. These needles are designed especially for sergers.
EL: also prevents breaking the fabric fibres. These needles are designed especially for overlockers.
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